Practice Areas

1. Divorce/Dissolution of Marriage
2. Custody and Visitation
3. Child Support
4. Post Judgment Modifications
5. Enforcement/Contempt
6. Miscellaneous Practice Areas


Divorce/Dissolution of Marriage

There are two types of divorce, contested and uncontested.  Our firm is experienced in representing clients in both types of divorce. Our firm will advise you about the range of issues that arise in a divorce, including alimony, equitable distribution, marital agreements and parenting plans.  If you are going through a divorce, you should not go through this process without legal counsel.  We will guide you through each stage of the divorce process to ensure your rights are protected.  To find out more about the issues that may affect your divorce, contact us for an initial consultation.

Custody and Visitation

We know how issues involving children and other family law matters impact families and are fully prepared to help our clients protect their rights.  Florida no longer awards custody but establishes a parenting plan which includes parental responsibility and timesharing.  Our firm has prepared numerous parenting plans and will put in the time, dedication and expertise necessary to prepare a plan that’s optimal for your family needs. We work hard to reach the best settlement agreement as earliest as possible and will zealously represent you in court.  We have helped many clients protect their future and their children and can help you too.

Child Support

Child support may be awarded as part of a divorce settlement, or if the parents were never married, the court may award it as part of a paternity action.  Although child support is based on strict state guideline, determining child support can be complicated and time consuming.  It is very important to hire a qualified attorney to help you determine your rights and options.  We are prepared to work through the maze of paperwork, numbers and legal issues that may affect your case.   Our firm handles the establishment or modification of child support cases. 

Post Judgment Modifications

Even after a decision is made in a family law case, you have options for seeking the modification of the order that was established.  A party requesting a modification must typically demonstrate a substantial change in circumstance. A variety of prior judgments may be modified, including: Child support, Child custody, Visitation, and Alimony.  We will thoroughly examine your case to determine if post judgment modifications are warranted in your specific situation. 


Once a court enters a Final Judgment its terms are binding on both parties.  Any failure to comply with the provisions of your Final Judgment can provide for justification for an enforcement and/or contempt proceeding.  We represent clients in all types of enforcement actions, including, parental responsibility, time sharing and visitation, alimony and Child support.  If a parent responsible for paying child support fails to abide by the terms of his or her divorce settlement or Final Judgment, he or she can be held in contempt.  Our firm can help you enforce your award and make sure your ex-spouse lives up to their legal responsibility.  We have represented clients on both sides of these issues and are prepared to help you too.  

Miscellaneous Practice Areas

Although our Law Firm’s primary area of practice is Family Law we are also knowledgeable and able to handle a variety of different legal cases, such as:

Domestic Violence Injunctions and Defense

Debt Collection


If you have a question about whether or not we handle a particular type of case, please call and ask. If we cannot personally handle your case; we may be able to help you find an attorney on a referral basis.


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